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Skalkovsky A. A. Chronological review of the history of Novorossiya, 1730-1823 / compiled by Apollon Skalkovsky. – Odessa : Town. print., 1836. P. 1 : From 1731 to 1796. – [4], XI, [1], 288, [1] p., [5] l. ill., table. : portrait.

Skalkovsky Apollon Oleksandrovych (1808–1898) – historian, statistician, archeologist, regional ethnographer. In his works he widely used both archival materials and his own observations and researches. In “Chronological Review of the History of Novorossiya, 1730–1823”, he described in a short chronicle way the most important facts concerning the settlement and development of Southern Ukraine. The first part chronologically covers the period from 1731 to 1796. This fundamental work still retains scientific significance, since it contains texts of many sources that have not remained till present day.
Portrait and illustrations are made in the technique of lithography. The book is of scientific, historical and cultural value. Lifetime edition of the author.

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