Books published in Ukrainian during 1801-1922

Lypa IL Tales of Freedom: Hapko and Davets; Didova Pravda [Electronic resource]. - Odessa: People's Flag, 1917. - 31, [1] p. - (Publishing House "People's Flag"; Part 14).

The fairy tale "Khapko i Davets" and “Didova pravda” from the series "Kazky pro volyu" is dedicated to his son Yuri. The first edition was published in Odessa in 1917 by the publishing house “Narodnyi Styah”, founded by I. Lypa and his son, was the only Ukrainian publishing house in Odesa at that time. In the fairy tale "Khapko i Davets" I. Lypa demonstrates two models of behavior, relying on the fact that the reader is closer to the role of the giver, and not the grabber and the glutton. The author teaches readers kindness, dedication, and generosity.

The fairy tale “Didova pravda”  author wanted the story about the long-past events to convey to the reader the important point - people should not be passive, they must fight for their right for freedom.

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