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Theater barricades
Experience in collecting ancient Little Russian songs
Odessa city public administration. City public education institutions
Odessa and its resorts
Shkval: magazine
Ukrainian Grammar
Short stories
Ukrainian portrait. Exhibition of Ukrainian portrait of the XVII-XX centuries.
Odessa Bulletin
Wspomnienia Odessy, Jedyssanu i Budzaku
Cleman's journey from Vienna to Belgrade and New Kiliya, also to the lands of the Bujat and Nagai Tatars and to the whole Crimea, with a return through Constantinople, Smyrna and Trieste to Austria in 1768, 1769 and 1770, with the addition of a description of the Crimean sights.
Collection of picturesque views of the Crimea, taken from life by Mr. Gross and published in Brown's lithograph in Odessa
Satirical sketches and memoirs / K. Skalkovsky
Reports of the Odessa Society of Fine Arts
Report of the Odessa Society of Fine Arts