Geography and Ethnography

Ukrainian Folk Songs / ed. Mikhail Maksimovich. – Moscow Univ. Print. House, 1834.
Part 1, Book. 1-3 : Ukrainian Dumas. Remembrance Cossack Songs. Cossack Domestic Songs. – XI, [1], 180 p.

A Ukrainian scientist-encyclopedist, historian, philologist, ethnographer and natural scientist Mykhailo Maksymovych (1804-1873) edited Ukrainian folk songs collection. The publication consists of three books that represent a specific genre-thematic group of historical Cossack songs: Ukrainian Dumas, remembrance and domestic songs.
A copy of Odesa National Library is from the private collection of Mykola Ivanovych Lentz (1830-1905), a local historian, teacher and bibliophile. It was donated to our library by his wife Adelaide Ivanivna, as evidenced by the stamp on the back of the cover sheet. The book has scientific, historical and cultural value. Bibliographic rarity.

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