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Mihursky Y.K. Practical Textbook for Photography on its Latest Improvements and Applications / comp. By Yosef Karl Mihursky. - Odessa: Print. L. Nitche, 1859. - 548 p., [3] l. tab. - 1st book of convolution.

Yosef Karl Mihursky (1830-1898) - a famous Odesa photographer of Polish origin, graduate of Richelieu Lyceum, actual member of French and other photographic societies. For many years he maintained a photographic accessories store and a photographic institute, from which many wonderful masters of photography came out. Yosef Karl Mihursky received high awards at prestigious international and Russian exhibitions. His book «Practical Textbook for Photography» became the first thorough Russian-language photography manual that had valuable advice and guidance at that time.
This textbook is a kind of lecture course in which all photographic operations are taught gradually - in that order in which they are carried out in practice. At the end of some of the lectures that were mentioned by the author as the most difficult, explanations in the form of dialogues are given. The convolution also includes "Short Chemical Index. Addition to Practical Textbook for Photography ”(Odessa, 1859) by the same author.

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