Desmet K.Y. Short Course of Silk Production / composition of Karl Desmet; Hryhorii Sokolov. - Odessa: City. print., 1848. - [8], 56, [1] p.

Karl Yakovych Desmet (? - after 1853), a collegiate advisor, a founding member of the Imperial Agricultural Society of Southern Russia and one of the famous employee of "Notes" of the Society, made a significant contribution to the history of silk production. He was specifically engaged in silk production, devoting to it several reports in the Society and a number of journal articles. Considering silk production an important branch of agriculture of Southern Ukraine, he gave public lectures in Odesa City Gardens, and showed how cocoons of silkworms were formed. In 1847 he read the full course of silk production at Odesa Institute of Noble Maidens at the invitation of director Kateryna Oleksiivna Fitinhof. In 1848 this course was published in translation by Hryhorii Sokolov, with the aim of providing strong assistance to those who understand the benefits of this case. In particular the author devoted his work to women engaged in agriculture. The guide includes a summary of the subject, advice on how to start breeding silk worms adapted to the climate conditions of Southern Ukraine and techniques for unwinding cocoons.

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