Kherson Eparchy Journal

 Kherson Eparchy Journal. - Odessa, 1864

"Kherson Eparchy Journal - published from 1860 to 1919 in Odesa by the Board of the Kherson Eparchy. This Christian Orthodox publication is of great value as the main printed source of information about the Orthodox Church and the Orthodox population of the Kherson Province, which included the territory of the present-day Odesa region.

The journal contains the official part, where the orders of the Holy Synod and the Eparchy authorities, information on the structure, management and accounting of the Kherson Eparchy, announcements of vacancies and appointments to the clergy were published.

Each issue is accompanied by the "Supplement", which contains various instructions to parishioners, biographies and works of prominent figures of the church, notes and commentaries on the text of the Bible, as well as lists of new editions of Russian religious literature.

This print work is of interest to historians, theologians, philologists, for those who are interested in the history of the Orthodox Church and for all those who seek spiritual education.

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