Books published in Ukrainian during 1801-1922

Odesʹka tʹma i "Prosvita" : Virshy "Proklyatoho Ukraintsya". – Odessa : Typ. y Lyt. M. Pryshchepova, 1908. – 16 р.

Collection of poems, united by the theme of activity of the Ukrainian society "Prosvita" in Odesa at the beginning of the last century. The author was not found. At the end of the book there is a signature: "Всі ці вірши знайшов на бережку Черного Моря Украінець І. М. Р-кій" (All of these poems were found on the Black Sea Coast by Ukrainian I. M. R-kiy). In humorous verses similar to folk Ukrainian songs, the author depicts the disadvantages of "Prosvita" activity and expresses the hope that the time will come when the Ukrainian society "Prosvita" will become a real light for the people and will draw the way to happy future.

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