The old engraving
culture heritage of Ukraine

Testa, Pietro, called il Lucchesino

1611, Lucca — 1650, Rome

An Italian painter, engraver and draftsman of the high baroque, who mainly worked in Rome. Studied first in the hometown Lucca under P. Paolini. Around 1629, Testa moved to Rome, where he got work of an assistant in the artist’s workshop Domenichino (1581–1641), after his leaving to Naples in 1631, Testa was forced to move to the painter and architect Pietro da Cortona. He copied a lot from classical works. After he left da Cortona, he worked independently. He was acquainted with Poussin, who influenced on him. He worked on the orders of church communities and created several paintings on biblical plots for Roman temples. He was a highly skilled draftsman, but as an artist, he had little success. He died (he committed suicide or drowned) in the river Tiber.

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