The old engraving
culture heritage of Ukraine

Jode the Younger, Pieter de

1606, Antwerp – 1674, England

Flemish engraver, draftsman and artist. The representative of the famous family of artists and engravers of Jode, who worked in Antwerp. Son and student of Peter de Jode, senior (1570-1634). He created many engravings from the originals of the leading artists of his time (P. Rubens, A. Van Dyck, J. Jordaens). For a long time he was in  collaboration with other engravers and worked for "Iconography" of Anthony Van Dyck – the collections of the portraits of  famous personalities of that time. This work was continued after Van Dyck's death for the publishing house Gillis Hendricx in Antwerp. From 1628 he was a member of The Guild of Saint Luke in Antwerp.

Author gravures:

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