The old engraving
culture heritage of Ukraine

Gross, Fedor (Friedrich) Ivanovich

1822, Simferopol – 1897, Kerch

Artist, lithographer, archaeologist. He was born in Crimea in the family of the German colonist artist Johann Ludwig Gross. He learned painting art from his father. In 1837 he graduated from Simferopol Gymnasium, in which his father was a teacher of drawing. He traveled through the Crimea a lot, making sketches. In 1846, he arrived in Odesa, where in 1846–1847 years lithographed "Views of Crimea" were published in the lithography of Alexander Braun that made the author famous. In 1850, there were exhibitions of his Crimean views in Odesa, and in 1852 — in Kherson. While living in Odesa, he made many sketches of the city, as well as the events of the Crimean War of 1854–1855, printed in the printing houses of O. Braun, P. Franzow and L. Nitzsche. In 1858–1883, he was a teacher of drawing at the Kerch Kushnykovsky Maiden Institute. Simultaneously from 1862 to 1884 he worked as a staff artist and assistant director of the Kerch Museum of Antiquities, in 1884–1891 he was the director of the museum. 

Author gravures:

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