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Bossoli, Carlo

1815, Lugano — 1884, Turin

Italian painter, draftsman, lithographer. He was born in Lugano (Switzerland) in the artisan’s family. In 1820, Bossoli family moved to Odesa. Since childhood, he painted and copied prints. Since 1828 — in the studio of theatrical artist Rinaldo Nannini, under who he studied composition. From 1833, he worked independ- ently. In 1837, thanks to the patronage of Governor-General of Novorossiya and Bessarabia Count M.S. Vorontsov, lithograph views of Odesa by Carlo Bossoli: "11 views" (in the lithography of O. Braun) and "15 views" (in the lithography of D. Klenov) were published. In 1839–1840, he traveled to Italy to study painting. In 1840–1842, he worked in the Crimea, where he created more than 70 landscapes (drawings, watercolors, gouaches). In 1842, in Odesa, in the lithography of D. Klenov, the first album of lithographs "24 views of Crimea" was published (the second one was published in 1856 in London). In 1843, he went to Italy, to Turin. He traveled a lot: Scandinavia, North Africa, Russia. In the years 1860–1861 — in the ranks of the Piedmont Army, he participated in the struggle for the liberation of Italy from the Austrian rule; he created more than 150 works on battle plot. He spent the rest of his life in Turin, where he died. He was buried in Lugano.

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