The old engraving
culture heritage of Ukraine

Drevet, Pierre-Imbert

1697, Paris — 1739, Paris

Son and student of the famous engraver Pierre Drevet the Elder (1663–1738). At an early age, he mastered engraving art and soon surpassed his father’s skill. One of the main representatives of hey-day of engraving in France in the first third of the XVIII century. Drevet managed to transmit the texture of various materials: satin, lace, fur, metal products. The portraits engraved by him are the top of perfection in terms of correctness of the picture, confidence and elegance of the cutter. In 1724 (at the age of 27), he was accepted to the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture. Louis XIV honored him with the title of royal engraver, and gave him an apartment in the Louvre. In his last years, due to the progressive disease of the brain, he had to work with his father. He created 35 engravings, 21 of them were portraits. Amoung his students were François and Jacques Chéreau, Simon Vallée.

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