The old engraving
culture heritage of Ukraine

Pitau, Nicolas

1632, Antwerp — 1671, Paris

Engraver of Flemish origin. At first, he studied with his father, artist Johann (in the French version — Jacques) Pitau, as well as his god-father — Flemish engraver Nicolaes Lauwers and his brother Conrad Lauwers. Around 1660 he moved to Paris, where Nicolas Poilly made great influence on him. He worked in the studio of R. Nanteuil with G. Edelinck, K. Vermeulen, P. van Schuppen. He engraved mainly after the originals of Philippe de Champaigne, Claude Lefèbvre and other artists. His son, Nicolas Pitau the Younger, was also an engraver.

Author gravures:

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